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How to create an attractive brochure

To be able to attract consumers, a brochure should have the appearance or first impressions are pretty interesting even if only with one's eyes see. The average person uses only 1-2 seconds of time to see an ad. Within only a few seconds that you should be able to steal people's attention. Many ways can be used to attract consumers:

First, give the image of women / men who pulled in front of the brochure. This is used in almost all products in the world. Even at big companies used well-known public figures such as celebrities, sports athletes, beauty queens, community leaders and leaders of large organizations. Obviously do not forget to include photos of our products, because basically our products are sold. Images of people used as a figure of our products should not be indiscriminate. Must be adapted to the products we sell. For example if the sale of cosmetics or cosmetic products, it must show a female figure who was also beautiful and attractive. If the sale of drugs or equipment slimming body, then show a woman who has a slim body ideal. If the products sold diapers, then show the baby who was healthy, clean-skinned, have a look on the face of adorable and funny.

Second, use the main title of the bombastic and fantastic that attract people who are quick to read so interested in re-reading back in his heart. The main title is usually printed very large, has a unique typeface, brightly colored and dominated the front page of the brochure. The words or phrases used should not be too long, so the main title should be short but it could represent promotional programs or products sold. Sample usage of the main title which is often used is as follows: "Large quantities Discount", "Buy one get two", "Special Menu", and others. The main title is sometimes also use the problem / major problem that existed at the target consumer, for example: "Obesity Problem?," Troubled by acne? "," It's hard stools?

Third, use shades that match your products and target buyers. It is also very important because the use of certain colors apparently affect consumer appeal. For example, for children's toy products will be more appropriate and more interesting when used basic colors of light. For female adolescents accessories products will be more interesting if many use the color pink. For electronic products or high-tech goods will usually be many using blue, red and black. For exclusive interior products will be much better to use the color brown, and black. So this color compositions work well in attracting the attention of people with different segments.

Fourth, list the price or discount your product. If you believe that your product is the cheapest price or discount you are large compared with most other brands of similar quality, do not hesitate to include them. Even if possible make these prices as the main element in the title and printed large and dominant. Prices are cheap and good quality is every consumer's dream includes you and me too of course. Therefore consumers will be directly interested if the price of the product they are looking for turns out there are much cheaper compared with others.

Fifth, use a special marker on the main title, such as star shapes, ovals, circles, boxes, arrows and other shapes. This serves to further reinforce the impression from the title that has been determined.

We do not need to use all the way over to us enter into an ad for our product. Maybe just need some alone can we combine in our advertising material. If we force ourselves to use in a fifth way above our ads at once, then it can be ascertained that the lay out or design of our ads to be messy and even consumers do not understand what the main message conveyed in the ad. So choose the ways that you think appropriate to your product.
Therefore, do not forget to include the address and phone number and name of person who could be contacted. If by chance the product we sold in some places or have few branches, then cantumkanlah all addresses and phone numbers are clear. Another effect of the inclusion of all existing addresses would make consumers more confident again to buy, because it indicates that the effort we developed and developing rapidly. Branch office or the number of counters that many will lift us stronger brand image. Writing addresses and phone numbers need not be large. The important thing we could read well enough. Placement is also not to disturb other elements in the brochure is more important. Simply put in the back and at the bottom of the page brochure.

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