Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010

remove the smell of "DURIAN"

Everyone must know the durian fruit, fruit that has a special smell and sting only in this country, Indonesia. Why are we so sure if Durian is a fruit native to Indonesia? Since the durian is an international language "DURIAN", not "thorny fruit", lol. Not a few people who like this fruit, besides it seems that there are also typical of many properties on the fruit Durian. They say the durian can also increase the vitality of both men and women and can be used for the treatment of a woman's face.

Therefore, having strong smelling sometimes people become annoyed, so in my writing this time I will share my experience to remove the smell of durian. Perhaps one of you will be using a kind of toothpaste or mouthwash to reduce the smell of durian in the mouth after you eat durian fruit, but there are few tips to get rid of the smell of durian that can be said to be very simple and cheap.

We take advantage of durian fruit leather, to overcome this problem. Can we? Yes, of course it could. After we finished eating durian fruit, take the skin and then pour a little water on the skin durian and drink water in the skin. And the smell of durian will be lost. These tips can also be used to remove the smell of durian at hand, ie by washing hands with water on the skin of the durian.

Maybe this sounds strange but I've tried it and the smell of durian is reduced and even disappear. Good luck ..

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